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Meet Kelly...

Hey Guys I am so excited that you checked out my Website. I am very proud of this accomplishment. I want this to be an excellent resource for all of you. For anyone new to me, new customers or members of my business team. 

I am a mom of 4 with my oldest being 21 and he was not overly eager to be featured on my website. My daughter Samantha is 13 my son  Jesse is 11 and my daughter Charlie is 9.  These kids are very different from each other and teach me valuable life lessons every day.  I am a retired psychiatric nurse and I also have a background in the dentistry field. 

I have 5 very important things on my bucket list

1 Go on a co impact sourcing trip to Nepal
2 Bungee jump somewhere super cool
3 Take my Family to Europe
4 Make 7 people millionaires.
5 Create an anti bullying foundation

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