Top 10 Uses of Smart and Sassy

Welcome To January And Happy New Year!

I am so excited for 2020. It is a new year a new decade and We all get to start over again. So let us dust off our runners and our work out gear and get back on track with clean eating and exercising. You know I have struggled with my weight for 30 years. In my early 20’s I found myself at over 200 pounds and I really had to check in to what I was doing. Mindless eating, lack of movement, minimal water, pack a day smoker, fast food, depression and 5 hours of soap operas seemed to be the problem. Yikes. So I started small. I was scared of the gym but I was brave and committed to going for 15 mins a day every day after work. This eventually turned into an hour and a big commitment to change my diet and lifestyle choices. I really had a sweet tooth and back then I really wish that Smart and Sassy essential oil was available. 

Smart and Sassy Essential oil is a blend of Grapefruit, Lemon, Ginger, Peppermint and Cinnamon. You may use this oil aromatically, topically and internally. And It is 10% off in the month of January 2020. Not only is this blend fabulous in supporting weight loss goals it also supports a healthy metabolism overall. Here are my Top 10 Uses for using Smart and Sassy.

Top Ten Uses for Smart and Sassy

  1. Helpful to reduce sugar cravings (take in a capsule, water or diffuse)
  2. Drink 2-4 drops in water throughout the day to reduce appetite
  3. It assists in regulating blood sugar
  4. Helps to breakdown cellulite (dry brush with Smart and sassy)
  5. Opens up your airways
  6. Uplifts your mood
  7. Assists in Detoxing
  8. Goes in the Skinny Jeans blend (see graphic below)
  9. Release Self Judgement and Shame
  10. You can Make a Skinny Wrap with it (see recipe below)

Skinny Wrap

10 drops Smart and Sassy 
8 drops Cypress
8 drops Grapefruit
5 drops Basil 
5 drops Lavender
40 drops Fractionated Coconut Oil

Apply all ingredients to fatty areas and wrap with BPA- Free plastic wrap for 60 minutes.

Totally works I used it before I had to squish in to a very skinny dress When I walked as a Blue Diamond at Convention 2018.

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