Spreading Positivity & Love

Happy December!

We have had quite the year. COVID-19, lockdowns, quarantine, anger, hate, fear, job loss, loneliness - all these things that are challenging our daily lives! Toilet paper hoarding! Maybe we have thrived, maybe we have survived, maybe we are barely making it through. Whatever path is yours, let it be that. I challenge all of you to join me in spreading some positivity during these uncertain times! Make someone smile, reach out to someone you haven’t talked to in a while. Book a Christmas party via zoom. Post inspirational quotes!  Even if you feel like crap - seriously!! Doing these things has made me feel better - it will make you feel better!

I got really sick and tired of reading posts that were all about of fear, sadness, complaints, and anger - so I decided to spread positivity instead! I am a wellness advocate not a fear advocate.  Spread the love!  Join me on my quest to shine some bright light into people's lives - use the hashtags #engageingood #elevatethelove when you post happy things! Even though things are dark we can be the light!!


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