How to Use doTERRA to Make Better Choices for Your Health (in all areas of your life!)

*WARNING - Soapbox rant* 😉

It’s long but read it. You’re using dōTERRA for a reason, right?

My friends, you all have an account with dōTERRA because you want better choices for your health - so start making them!

I think we can all agree that dōTERRA is a trusted company and the products/oils they share with us are using the best ingredients possible - so WHY are you still buying your shampoo and laundry detergent from big box stores that don’t give a shit that there are carcinogens or synthetics in something you PUT ON YOUR BODY???

Your skin is your largest organ. All those lotions and soaps and shampoos are absorbed into your body and wreaking havoc on your hormones (hello!?!? Xenoestrogens are BAD for you! Ask me about these if you don’t know what they are. I love sharing science facts!)

Don’t even get me started on candles and air fresheners. Seriously. Don’t. 😂

“But Kelly” you say “It’s so hard to know what to buy and I don’t want to go to 50 million different stores to get things. Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

Ya girl! I feel you!
(Literally, I do. I’m an empath so I FEEL you 😆)

So stop making it complicated and Keep It Simple Sweetheart! This company that you know and trust has your back.

💥 Are you aware that you can replace ALL your cleaning supplies with the On Guard cleaner concentrate? Floors, counters, bathrooms, mirrors, windows, stainless steel, car wash (inside and out)

💥 oral health - get rid of that shitty toothpaste. Your gums will never be better and may actually start growing back (mine did) instead of receding. It was formulated BY A DENTIST. The mouthwash is incredible and leaves your mouth tingly without the alcohol in it.

💥 Shampoo & conditioner are game changers. Losing your hair? Thin hair?Use this and add some rosemary and ylang ylang to it.

💥 Laundry detergent made with enzymes so it’s septic tank safe, which also means safe for the oceans. That’s where your waste water goes, remember? Two birds with one stone here: clean laundry and saving the ocean life. You’re practically a saint now!

💥 Body lotion. Super dry skin? Use body butter, oils already included. Sensitive skin? Use the baby line lotion, oils already included. Dry skin? Use the unscented body lotion and add whatever oils you wanna smell like today. You are an INDEPENDENT WOMAN! You do you and make no apologies if you want to smell like spikenard!!

💥 Skincare. So many options! HDClear for acne prone, Verage for some extra love or our Essentials line for anti-aging. All made with amazing blends of oils and ingredients you can trust.

The best part?? All these things will be delivered to your door! None of this putting on pants and going to a store. Who does that?! 👖

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