Top 10 Ways to Cope During this Time

Ok friends we have hit some uncharted territory. Who ever thought borders would close or we would discontinue school and work and be forced to stay home. Who knew any of these things would occur in our lifetime. Sure we have seen movies and heard predictions that the end of the world is coming. Well who thought this was actually going to be in our reality. I am so sorry we are all going through this. But the thing is WE as a collective are all going through this. Those of whom are going into work on the front lines need extra protection so please share some of your oils with them.  If you don’t have extra oils to share please let me know who needs oils and I will make sure I get something out to them. The trick is to stay sane during this period of unknown and for many inactivity.

Here are my Top Ten Ways to Cope During this Time

  1. Keep exercising! Many gyms are offering online workouts. Check out Facebook for online workouts. Go for a walk, check out different work out apps. Do 100 jumping jacks, 100 sit ups, 100 lunges, 100 squats. 
  2. Call your friends, FaceTime them, have online coffee dates, or plan a wine and cheese party on Zoom.
  3. Schedule an in home spa day. 
  4. Clean out a cupboard, clean out your drawers.
  5. Offer to help someone out in your community if you can.
  6. Create a schedule for yourself and your kids, if you have them, and stick to it.
  7. Put oils in your diffusers. Try something uplifting - my current fave is Balance and Grapefruit.
  8. Take your supplements! The Yarrow Pom beauty capsules are very supportive for your overall wellbeing, in addition to LLV, DDR Prime, Terrazyme, OnGuard+ Soft Gels.
  9. Use Adaptiv and Vetiver to soothe stressful situations.
  10. Turn off the news and go give your kids a hug.

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