You Deserve the Best

I take a holistic approach to my business and incorporate intuitive energy healing work to help others experience the power of essential oils and their capacity for physical and emotional healing. 
I want to spread as much happiness, healing, and positivity as I possibly can in my lifetime. I have learned that when you make people feel good, you feel good too. Being a bright light for people and spreading positivity, especially now when there is so much negativity, is something I am inspired to do every day. I recognize the good in everyone because opening yourself up to accepting all versions of people leads to wonderful friendships and experiences. I love people and I love including everyone in anything I’m doing. Being in situations where I am surrounded by people energizes me.

I am surrounded with kindness, love, and support from so many sources; my children, my business, my friendships, and it makes me excited to live my life. On days when I don’t feel great, I get myself back on track by using the resources I’ve gathered that have taught my mind and healed my heart; listening to meditations, inspirational speakers, and songs I love, journaling, exercising, and most of all, using my beautiful essential oils every single day to help me be the best version of myself. I see the possibilities in every person I meet, and I believe that anything is achievable through kindness, acceptance, positivity, and essential oils.

One Drop at a Time

I love helping people tap into what will heal them as they break through personal roadblocks that convince them they cannot do what they really want to do or be who they really want to be. Everyone deserves support and kindness from others, nobody should ever feel alone. My ‘aha moment’ happened last year at a conference in Prague that aligned my love for helping people with a profound realization that I myself was not alone; that I didn’t have to figure out how to succeed in my business on my own. The moment I realized that I couldn’t do this alone was the minute my career changed and elevated me to the next level of my life and my business.
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