Meet Kelly

Elevate Enrich Empower

Hello My name is Kelly Mallinson  I am the mother of 4 beautiful amazing children and I was first introduced to dōTerra  essential oils in September of 2015. I first used On guard essential oil diluted on my children's feet and low and behold I was hooked!! My three kids did not get sick that cold and flu season and nor did I. It was amazing. Slowly my passion grew for the product and I began to pursue dōTerra as a business. I have a background in healthcare and I was able to put my knowledge of the body together with the essential oils to effectively help people. With that being said you do not need a background in healthcare to pursue dōTerra as a business. It gave me a way to help people in a way I love to do. I am an avid lover of people of all kinds, I enjoy the outdoors and living a healthy lifestyle. I am able to incorporate essential oils into absolutely every aspect of my life. Motivating people is one of my passions. I enjoy inspiring people to live outside of the box. We are born to believe that we are limited in what we can achieve. I can show you the way to live a life full of passion and abundance. I can assist you into releasing self limiting beliefs. Elevate, Enrich and Empower you to another level.