Download Your Free Meditation

This guided meditation will take you on a relaxing, grounding journey. It is just under 10 minutes long, so get comfortable and enjoy!

What is a Healing Session?

The goal from these sessions is to help you balance energy and address whatever you are currently facing in your life. It's like having a personal zen coach right at your fingertips. 

As an intuitive healer, I leverage many resources to fasciliate a profound experience for you. Some of these tools include Reiki, oracle cards, crystals, incense, meditation music, and more. 

Plus, it's all from the comfort of your own space, so there's no need to brave traffic or rush anywhere. Online Healing Sessions bring the peace and healing straight to you, making it easier to keep your cool and feel your absolute best, no matter how crazy life gets. 

How Does a Healing Session Work?

Plan 60-90 minutes for each session. Many only need 1 session. Ideally, we would do 4-5.


We will meet in person or virtually and I will have meditation music playing to help you relax. 


For 30-45 min, I will use tools like Reiki, crystals, oracle cards, and more to tap into your energy and specific needs.


For the last 15-45 min, we will discuss what came up for you during the session.

You do not need to feel compelled to share much if anything with me during our session. If you want to, great! But the magic comes with you relaxing while I use the available tools to see what comes up for you. Then you can use that information to heal and grow.

What Transformations Can I Expect?

During these sessions, you might find yourself shedding stress like it's no big deal and embracing a sense of calm you haven't felt in ages. It's like swapping chaos for clarity. 

Plus, you might have these "Aha!" moments, where you suddenly see things from a fresh perspective, kind of like discovering a hidden path in the woods. 

You start understanding your own vibes and energy on a whole new level, and that's when the real magic happens. You become more in tune with your inner self, unlocking your potential and supercharging your personal growth. 

"Natural healing is about taking control of your life and being responsible for everything that goes in and out of your body, mind, and spirit."

- Richard Schulze -

How Do I Prepare For My Session?

Getting ready for your healing session is all about creating the perfect comfy cocoon for your mind and body. First things first, find a quiet, cozy space where you won't be disturbed. Think of it as your personal oasis, where you can let go and just be. 

Light a scented candle or some soothing incense if that's your jam. Wear loose, comfy clothes – the kind that feels like a warm hug. You may even want to have a notebook and pen ready.

Before your session, take a few minutes to close your eyes and do some deep, mindful breathing to center yourself. Clear your mind of any worries or distractions, and set a clear intention for what you hope to gain from the session. 

It's like prepping the canvas for a masterpiece. With your space all set up and your mind in zen mode, you'll be totally ready to soak up all the positive energy and healing vibes your session has in store. 

Getting Started

I offer virtual and in person sessions! Local sessions will be in Surrey, British Columbia CA. **Sessions are Canadian Dollars** The first session is $150, each subsequent session is only $100.


Session will be in Surrey, BC



Session will be on Zoom.