ALL PURPOSE CLEANER The first recipe is an all-purpose spray that is great for wiping down everyday surfaces like countertops, tables, furniture and anything else that needs a quick clean. This recipe is suitable for a variety of finishes including stainless steel, wood, tile and plastic. Avoid letting your mixture sit or scrubbing your surface abrasively, as this cleaner may wear down the finish. In this all-purpose cleaner, you'll find Lemon essential oil as it is a fantastic cleaning agent, especially when it comes to cutting grease or sticky substances. Lavender is antibacterial and will also add a light floral scent. Together, this powerful combination of essential oils will leave your home clean and fresh. You'll also find Liquid Castile Soap which is an all-natural (and biodegradable) household staple. Not only does it clean, but it also acts as an emulsifier to help combine your essential oils and water together. Adding an emulsifier such as castile soap or Epsom salt may also help preserve the life of your spray bottles which can deteriorate over time due to the potency of your essential oils. Supplies: 2 tbsp Liquid Castile Soap 20 drops Lemon essential oil 10 drops Lavender essential oil 500 ml Aluminum Spray Bottle Directions: Combine ingredients in your spray bottle and fill the rest with water. Give your mixture a good shake before using it. Spray and wipe surfaces with a cloth.

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